“THE KING OF BOURBON STREET” by Thea de Salle || Review

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THE KING OF BOURBON STREETHotel chain mogul Sol DuMont is about to learn that some of life’s biggest surprises come in deceptively small packages—namely a petite heiress named Rain who’s hell-bent on upsetting her family’s expectations—in this first book in the all new series by Thea de Salle, set against the sultry backdrop of New Orleans.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sol DuMont is a divorcee and the owner of a mid-sized hotel chain in New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina, his father’s death, and the decision that he and his ex-wife Maddy are far better off friends than lovers, he’s lost interest in almost everything he held dear—parties, people, and pushing limits.

All his limits.

Then Arianna Barrington checks into his hotel.

Twenty-four-year-old Arianna “Rain” Barrington could have been society’s sweetheart. Her family is moneyed, connected press darlings, and make sweeping headlines from coast to coast for reasons both good and bad. But when her mother shoves her at Charles Harwood—the obnoxious, entitled heir of Harwood Corp—to cement a billion-dollar business merger, Rain does the only thing she can think of to escape: she creates a scandal so big Harwood doesn’t want her anymore before fleeing to New Orleans for much-needed rest and relaxation.

All she wants is jazz piano, beignets, and to sail the Mississippi. What she gets is Sol DuMont, a whirlwind affair, and a hands-on education in sex, power play, and pushing limits.

All her limits

I heard a lot about this novel through Twitter. Nearly all my friends have read it and loved it, so naturally, when I was in the mood for something nice and romantic and sexy, I picked this up first.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was fun, the sex scenes were written amazingly — honestly, they were so hot and not at all cringey — and the chemistry between our main characters Sol and Rain was so potent. My little demi-heart normally gets freaked out by people having sex when they’ve just met but something about them just clicked that I didn’t have anything to worry about.

I adored Rain, who is such a sweetheart. She’s so cute and innocent, and doesn’t have a single filter. She just says what’s on her mind and it’s the most adorable-y embarrassing thing ever. I loved watching her growth from the beginning to the end, and seeing how her relationship with Sol really brought her into herself.

My only critique with Rain is that she’s a fat character but she’s still your stereotypically beautiful girl. Big boobs, “wasp-waist”, hips and an ass. She’s like a plus-sized model — those that are still smooth, perfectly portioned, fitting in with society’s deemed ideal. It was good to hear of a character get loved whilst jiggling and having fat, it still gave me a huge confidence boost that made me realise I’ll find someone who’ll want me no matter what size I am. But it was just a little sucky that she was still your “standard” beauty.

I really loved Sol. He was so quirky and fun and hilarious. He’s so caring and understanding and Soft. I love Soft men okay? They’re my fave. I just adored everything about him and he will forever be my fave. Sadly, I have a complaint about him too — it’s just how nonchalantly his drug addiction was mentioned. If it were weed, I’d be fine, but snorting coke? I’m a bit sceptical about it — especially when it’s never seriously called out. It’s brushed off as youthful dalliance which is just hurtful to people losing everything to drug addiction.

As I mentioned before, I adored the sex scenes in this. They were so well written that it was like a breath air. I really loved how the BDSM was handled — though I wish we had some talk of safe words — and how they grew together, both of them stepping into their roles for the first time.

I also adored the plot that was there. This is erotica/romance first, so I wasn’t expecting much of a plot beside the romance, so the inclusion of something more serious to offer substance to all the smut was pleasant.

All in all, I recommend this book completely. So cute, fluffy, sexy and wonderful and I loved it so much. It was everything I expected it to be and more and just amazing. Definitely recommend this for a quick, fun, romantic read.

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